Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my Website to be designed completely.

  • Time frame for website designing depends on the website functionality and content. You can expect your site to be completed from 15 days upwards.

Do I need to pay an upfront fee for my website to be designed?

  • At Growit MC we don't require any upfront payments. It is up to you when to pay. You can pay a Once-off designing fee before or after your website design is finished.

How much does website design costs at Growit MC?

  • Our Website design start from only R999 Once-off designing fee. NB: Prices may vary. Web design costs depend on website functionality and the amount of work that needs to be completed and more. View our Website Packages.

How my App is designed?

  • At Growit MC we design App for both Android and iOS. Learn more about our Apps HERE.

How long does it take for my App to be launched?

  • Your App may be launched up on the agreed time. It also depends on the amount of work and its functionality.

How do I run Google Campaign with Growit MC?

  • It is very easy to run Campaigns with Growit MC. You just fill in a Campaign form and we take care of the rest.

How long does it take for a Google Ad to start running.

  • When you launch a Google Campaign with Growit MC. Your Ad gets running within 6 hours. Learn more

Can I see my Campaign analytics with Growit MC.

  • Yes. You will have a full access to your Campaigns and see its performance, whether it's on Google, Facebook, or YouTube we give you full access.

How much and how do I pay for Marketing Campaigns at Growit MC?

  • When you run a marketing campaign through Growit MC. You pay a once off fee for set-up. Then you Pay-Per-Click (you pay each time a visitor clicks your ad). This depends on your budget.

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